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Light is energy.
Longer UV and shorter wavelengths of the visibile light spectrum (380 nm to 500 nm) are called blue light.
The shorter the wavelength is, the higher the energy transmitted. Blue light transmits the double of the energy compared to red light. At 380 nm, the energy per photon is 3.27 eV. While at 760 nm, it’s 1.63 eV.
Reducing the blue light can reduce harmful effect and improve vision. 
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The energy we don’t see, can kill us.
The invisible ultraviolet radiations (UV) damage our retina cells by burning them, changing their chemical composition or altering their DNA thus causing cancer.
The blue light wavelength is focused in front of the retina. While green and yellow are focused on the retina, and some red spectrum are focused behind.
For this reason, the eyes constantly try to focus the blue light, increasing the pressure in the blood vessels.
Blocking the blue light increases the contrasts, the depth perception of the vision and greately reduce the eyestrain, without loss of visual acuity. 
NASTEK optical technology was created to enhance and protect vision. NASTEK lenses block 100% UV (A / B / C) and provide a superior glare reduction thus protecting the cornea and the retina. Vision is enhanced with up to 98.9% anti-blue power and up to 80% sharp visible light balance.
Eye protection is critical. With more than seven layers of AR coatings, NASTEK lenses provide the ultimate protection. They deliver exceptionally clear vision without distortion by removing random reflections and glare, thus ensuring the best vision and protection possible for users.
Nastek anti-blue power is a game changer. It allows users to see better, further, with greater definition and visual acuity in all light conditions. Skiers, for example, can read the slope and recognize objects quicker making them able to excel and be safer
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