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Scroll down to discover the high-definition single-lenses designed for outdoor sports.

Nastek Original Sport
VLT (visible light transmission): 14.0% 
Filter category: 3
Weather conditions: sunny / cloudy
Anti-blue: 96.1%
The spearhead of the Nastek technology. Despite its high category, it's perfect for low light conditions, thanks to the highest anti-blue power increasing contrasts and depth of vision.
view from inside the lens
NASTEK Original sample.png
outer look of the lens
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Nastek A4 Sport
VLT: 84.0% 
Filter category: 0
Weather conditions: cloudy
Anti-blue: 72.3%
A great tint to reduce color competition and see through blue and green refractions. You will see further in low light, with greater contrasts and definition.
SPORT A4 sample.png
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