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ZAIO lens technology is deeply rooted in the scientific research of laser equipment for medical devices since 1983, gradually expanding the eye protection to commercial glasses starting from 1987.

Starting from 1989, ZAIO developed the best blue light protection possible, implemented in glasses available worldwide in 1993. The year in which ZAIO was officially born.

ZAIO research into lens and filter science was not limited to optics used in the optical industry to make sunglasses and prescription lenses. ZAIO approach was science-based and designed to expand knowledge of light, radiation and the way human sense both visual and non-visual energy.

ZAIO created a unique process to neutralize harmful high energy blue light inside NASTEK lenses by using secret compounds and proprietary titanium dioxide multiple coatings. The Titanium coating is anti-reflective and isolates harmful frequencies before they go through the lenses.

Then rare-earth compounds inside the lenses absorb harmful wavelengths and enhance vision similarly to NASTEK Original sunglass lenses.

The ZAIO technological breakthrough is that the lenses are clear, with just the slightest flame copper color. 

The goal of our optical technology is to balance the natural colors and the sharp lights both within the visible and the invisible spectrum (the blue light area), in order to keep your eyes protected and to let you enjoy a colorful and happy life.

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