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  • What is blue light?
    Longer UV (ultraviolets) and shorter wavelengths of the visibile light spectrum (380 nm to 500 nm) are called blue light. It's a high energy radiation that overlaps with both visible and UV light.
  • What does "high energy" mean?"
    Light is energy. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy transmitted. Blue light transmits twice the energy compared to red light. In fact at 380 nm (blue) the energy per photon is 3.27 eV, while at 760 nm (red) it’s 1.63 eV.
  • What are the effects of blue light?
    For humans, blue light can be damaging in many ways, some of which are only recently being studied. High energy rays can kill cells and damage DNA, resulting in mutations causing, for example, skin cancer. Blue light rays entering the eye can damage the lens, retina and vision. Glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa and a host of other eye disorders may be caused by deeper blue light frequencies. Blue light is 200 times more efficient in causing photoreceptor death than green light. In the same study, researchers showed that the oxidative damage to the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) layer is enhanced in response to blue light and results in Age-related Macular Degeneration. Other research showed similar risks of AMD with exposure to the 400+ nm wavelength (blue/violet visible light frequencies).
  • Can blue light affect stress, sleep, sex drive, weight control and metabolism?"
    Yes. Blue light sets off a cascade of chemical changes that go beyond DNA damaging. For example, recent research has discovered non-visual receptors in the eye that, when exposed to blue light, trigger chemical changes in the way brain releases or inhibits hormones like melatonin, testosterone and even neurotransmitters like serotonin. Most of our body functions are controlled by light to a much greater degree than we ever considered. Sleep, sex drive, body fat, stress, weight control, growth, good health, happiness and many emotions. All of which are chemically controlled by our brains, and our brains use light as a powerful signal to turn on and off the production of chemicals.
  • Without blue protection will people experience vision problems?
    Practically everyone will experience vision problems during their lifetime if they live long enough and have exposure to blue light. Blue has a cumulative effect. People over age 25 and those who enjoy outside activities where sunscreen or protective clothing are usually needed, should provide their eyes with blue light protection.
  • Can we see blue light?
    Most blue light is invisible with the exception of deep blue / violet. High intensity lights, LED’s, fluorescent and most artificial light gives off blue.
  • What is the relationship between NASA and Nastek?
    Visit Nastek history page to discover more about the history of Nastek and its relationship with NASA.
  • How are Nastek lenses different from other lenses?
    Sunglasses or goggles typically use colored lenses to reduce the amount of light reaching the eye. Some tints like grey or smoke just cut down the percentage of light so we can see better in bright sunlight. As a matter of fact, they do little to actually enhance vision. Nastek is very different, we enhance vision and improve health. NASA technology gives us the unique ability to isolate and absorb blue light inside the lenses up to 98,9%. This results in a lens that eliminates blue better than any other, without blocking the entire visual spectrum like regular lenses. Because Nastek allows more total visual light through the lenses than colored lenses, vision is enhanced rather than restricted.
  • Do Nastek lenses also increase the contrasts?
    Yes. The blue light wavelength is focused in front of the retina. While green and yellow are focused on the retina, and a portion of the red spectrum is focused behind. For this reason, the eyes constantly try to focus the blue light, increasing the pressure in the blood vessels. Blocking the blue light increases the contrasts and the depth perception of the vision, while greatly reducing the eyestrain without loss of visual acuity.
  • How do Nastek lenses rate for outdoor activities and sport?
    Nastek lenses give a great performance enhancement. They deliver exceptionally clear vision without distortion by removing random reflections and glare, thus ensuring the best vision and protection possible for sport enthusiasts. It takes time for the retina to transmit chemical signals to the brain and time for the brain to recognize the signals and command other body parts to respond. Nastek lenses allow users to see better, further, with greater definition and visual acuity in all light conditions. For example, skiers can read the slope and recognize objects quicker, allowing them to excel and be safer at great speed. The difference between being a champion or a loser is often measured in milliseconds or millimeters.
  • How do Nastek lenses rate for smartphone, digital screens and monitor use?"
    Nastek computer glasses are a shield against blue light coming from any digital screen. They provide the ultimate protection while maintaining maximum visual light transmission and color discrimination.
  • My eyes get tired from reading or using my smartphone. Can Nastek help?
    "Tired eyes” are often caused by high energy light that SAPs your energy. The high energy blue light requires your eyes to work harder. If your eyes do not usually get tired gardening or being outside on an overcast day, but they do get tired in artificial light and using screens, it is clear that the type of light and activity is the problem. Keeping your eyes focused at reading distance for long periods of time without Nastek glasses will result in tired eyes. Give your eyes a high tech solution from NASA technology to function better in a visual high tech world.
  • I need reading glasses. Does Nastek come in reading glasses?
    Yes. Nastek is the ultimate reading and device lens. They will protect your eyes and reduce stress. If you need reading glasses it only makes sense to have the best. Cheap glasses are really not good and may actually harm vision. Throwaway readers should be thrown away. You have only one set of eyes!
  • I am a student. Can Nastek help me?
    Absolutely. 80% of what you learn is visual. Reading, writing and math are visual. Blue light not only harms vision but produces stress. Nastek is like an energy drink for your eyes. Learn more and learn better with Nastek.
  • I do shift work and have trouble sleeping. What can Nastek do for me?
    Our biological clock is based on circadian rhythms, which are normally set by light. Jet travel to different time zones makes us “jet lagged” and it may take days to reset. Shift work is like constant jet lag. Artificial light signals the brain to shut down the production of natural sleep hormones like melatonin. Nastek helps the body produce natural hormones to keep the body clock happy. Nastek works with artificial light eliminating harmful radiation that disturbs normal sleep. Get to sleep quicker and enjoy deeper sleep longer.
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