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Ironboundor goggle features an edge-to-edge design, in an impact-resistant, yet flexible, TPU frame. The cylindrical lens ensures a thin volume, while the ergonomic fit guarantees the maximum comfort while wearing the product. Available in a wide range of colors, perfect for every free rider.


Ironboundor is also available in the Nastek A6 lens, great for low light conditions.



    1. TPU flexible frame

    2. shock-absorbing bridges construction

    3. foam / 3D mesh hybrid upper ventilation

    4. cylindrical anti-fog double lens

    5. flexible frame construction

    6. foam / 3D mesh hybrid lower ventilation

    7. triple layer heat-pressed face foam


    Complies with the standards:

    ASTM F659 - 10

    EN 174 : 2001 E

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